Why Choose Us

Who better to plan your trip than expert travel planners
who actually live in Buenos Aires?

BA Cultural Concierge Values

Exciting & Well-Balanced Itineraries

We design an itinerary, one concept at a time, with each client.
Your unique plan prioritizes your passions and needs, framing your trip in a meaningful way. We ensure an ideal pace with activities that truly resonate so your enjoyment and energy are maximized.

Unequaled Client Care

BA Cultural Concierge is 100% dedicated to the happiness of each client. We create personal relationships during the planning process so that once you arrive, you’re ahead of the game with a local, trusted friend awaiting you. Hugs upon arrival are not rare! We care deeply about each traveler’s safety, satisfaction and experience. “Above and beyond” for every client is the hallmark of our company.

Experts in Local Culture & Hospitality

Our clients are given the chance to enjoy the hidden beauties of Buenos Aires with an in-depth experience that far beyond what the naked eye can appreciate. You’ll learn the historical context beneath the how and why of what you see. All of our recommendations, be it a tour, restaurant, apartment rental or shopping are culturally relevant.

24/7 On-Call Support

With BA Cultural Concierge you know you are covered, no matter what type of assistance you need, from a spur of the moment itinerary addition to mid-trip support and last minute changes in your flight home. Traveling with us is a stress-free experience, because there is always a friendly hand waiting to help you all the way.


Honesty & Transparency

We make choices based on the best interest of each client. You can rely on our unbiased decision-making, which does not rely on commissions or predefined arrangements with vendors. Part of the planning and decision making process is based on the client knowing all costs up front. There will be no surprises during your trip or last minute fees.

Maximized Time & Money

We ensure that you spend your time and money intelligently. Our money-saving tips can help you save up to 30% on costs, from exchanging currency to knowing when to split a steak! Whether you want a jam-packed itinerary or free “days off”, your time will always be spent wisely.
(General tip for steakhouses: Cuts of meat are large so order chorizo and provoleta as an appetizer then a salad and fries to accompany a shared steak!)

Authentic Experiences

For us there’s no other way to do it, we put our focus on introducing you to the true culture of South America. Whether your interests involves music, gastronomy, history, sports, et cetera, we’ll provide you with the keys to discover it all in a personal and unique way.

Safety & Security

Traveling to new places and discovering cultures is exciting, but can be intimidating. We provide you with safety tips in advance to make sure you feel comfortable from the moment of your arrival. We have a personal, long-term relationships with everyone we work with including drivers, guides and other experts, so we know you’re always in good hands.