We make great travel accessible to everyone, regardless of physical limitations. Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way!

Sensitivity to Pace & Terrain
Rental Equipment Available
Spacious Vehicles (Easy Entry & Exit)
Restaurants & Venues sans Stairs
Trust & Reliability
Doctors On Call
Personal Accompaniment
Wheelchair Tours
Diligence & Flexiblity


"Besides organizing a great half-day tour of BA, customized for my mother (who has mobility issues) Madi also proved how invaluable it is to have someone on the ground who can help when problems arise. When my mother felt ill, Madi had the doctor make a house call and helped us buy medication. What a life saver!" Bruce, NYC
"I was in charge of arranging a pre-cruise and post-cruise visit for my Dad and Uncle. Both of the gents are 80ish, have mobility problems, and neither speaks much Spanish. I wanted someone to assist with planning and to make the boys' Buenos Aires visit as enjoyable, enriching, and stress-free as possible. Madi’s team did a fantastic job, everything went off without a hitch." Bill, Minnesota