Madi Lang
I’m Madi Lang, your BA Cultural Concierge. I create highly individual, customized itineraries ~ so that you can enjoy the very events and experiences that lead to falling in love with Buenos Aires. It is my responsibility to handle arrangements to ensure that you pay fair prices for accommodations, transportation and events. And of course, what comes with the best laid plans? Real life. Problem-solving is a huge part of this work and I love an opportunity to provide breakthrough services and go above and beyond for our clients.

In 2007 I followed my heart to Buenos Aires from my hometown of Bethesda, Maryland. While working in a community center, an apartment rental agency and a Spanish language school, I became fluent in Spanish and built a life full of friends and family. Buenos Aires has been my home ever since. This wild city is where I found my passion for history, culture, language and truly good travel. I look to share its faded elegance, ah-ha! moments and local flavor with anyone who dares to dive in.

Juan Palacios
I’m Juan Palacios, I've joined Madi in this project becoming the Argentinian counterpart of the company. Born and raised in Patagonia, the most mystical and untamed region of Argentina, I've been living in the City of Buenos Aires for the last 15 years. Before joining BA Cultural Concierge I lived abroad for 2 years in Paris and London, during which time I traveled extensively and can thus can relate to anxieties and expectations of the international traveler.

I'm currently finishing my Masters in Anthropology at the University of Buenos Aires. Topics such as Argentina’s history, the social context, immigration, art and international politics contribute to a greater understanding the bigger picture of the country. All these interests are reflected in our tours, enriching our clients’ understanding and experience.

Eduardo Masllorens
I’m Eduardo Masllorens, Architect, University Professor and card-carrying Porteño. After a long and enjoyable career as an architect and teacher, I now find joy in sharing my city’s eclectic urban landscape with travelers from all over the world. My global perspective comes from my studies at La Sorbonne in Paris, 15 years of teaching at universities in Argentina and Canada and presenting in Brazil, USA and France. I speak French, Portuguese, Italian and can get by with a your kind collaboration in English and German. I look forward to walking the streets of my city with you and presenting it’s greatest stories.
Member of International Union of Architects and the Argentine Institute for Historical Investigations in Architecture.