You may be wondering…

How do we price?

There is a fee for the Trip Planning & Concierge Service that covers all planning, arrangements and follow-through. Some tasks and trips are more difficult or require more time than others and thus have various pricing. The most important fact about our pricing is that we are absolutely transparent. You will not get a lump sum cost. You’ll get a detailed cost summary to judge your budget and organize the funds necessary.

We’ll make a proposal, you make a deposit (Pay Pal or check to our Maryland office) and then the fun begins!

If you would like us to simple book a la carte items without the full trip planning and concierge service, here is how we price. We make purchases for the same price you would pay, by doing it directly here in Buenos Aires. By letting us take care of it for you, it is simply one less thing you have to worry about. AND, we can do this in advance or up to the day of the activity or event. We are happy to purchase ferry or theater tickets as a complimentary service when you also book one of our tours. Without a tour, we can provide ferry tickets and deliver them to you personally for a small service fee.

How do we arrange an itinerary?

First we meet by phone, Skype or email and we discuss two things: You and Us. We love to know all about your travel group’s personal requirements, interests, mobility or medical issues, passions and pet peeves. Then, we explain exactly how our services could fit your needs and how we will proceed.

To build the itinerary, we start with your top priorities first or activities with set dates (a night at Teatro Colon, a Sunday Mataderos fair chefs house, et cetera) that could only be done on specific days. Then we continue proposing draft itineraries until you are 100% excited and confident in your choices.

How do we choose what activities and services to do? Who chooses?

We ask questions to get enough information to begin a good search of options based on your personal interests. Then we offer you two or three options that differ in price, vibe and timing, weigh in with our opinion but leave the final call up to you. We present all options subjectively so you can make the best decision!

Do I need a Visa for Argentina, Chile or Uruguay?

Argentina: Those traveling with a passport from the United States, Canada or Australia ( will need to pay a reciprocity fee online by credit card BEFORE you travel. Simply log onto the following link, make the payment and be sure to print out a copy or two per person to bring along as proof when you enter Argentine customs. If you travel to Chile or Uruguay from Argentina, bring this copy as you will need to show your proof of payment. https://virtual.provinciapagos.com.ar/ArgentineTaxes/

US: $160 USD good for 10 years.
Canada: $75 USD good for one entry or $150 USD for multiple entries for 5 years.
Austrialia: $100 USD good for one year

Chile: Those traveling with a passport from the United States, Canada, Australia and Mexico must pay a reciprocity fee in cash or by credit card UPON ARRIVAL in Chile. You’ll pay at a window and they’ll attach the receipt to your passport.

US: $160 USD good for the life of your passport.
Canada: $132 USD good for the life of your passport.
Australia: $95 USD good for the life of your passport.
Mexico: $23 USD good for the life of your passport.

Uruguay: It’s a free for all! No visa or reciprocity fee. What a lovely country!

Can you help with booking our international flight?

Yes! We can get fantastic rates and suggest the best airports and airlines for your flying pleasure. It’s always best to inquire when you know your exact travel dates.

How far in advance should we contact BACC to begin planning?

We suggest contacting us 3-6 months in advance for full itinerary planning, the sooner the better! We welcome requests for tours, transfers and reservations up to a few days before the date of service, but can’t promise availability!