Untie your shoes because we’re about to knock your socks off!


World’s best hidden secret for summer skiing: Bariloche, Argentina! Historically, Buenos Aires really was the Paris of South America and Bariloche was where social royalty came to hit the slopes!

Iguazu Falls:
World Heritage UNESCO site and one of the world’s larges waterfalls. Would you like a falls view or a jungle view? Perfect year round! Monkeys included at no extra charge!

Tierra del Fuego:
Our #1 favorite destination! Get down to the end of the world and see the Andes Mountain range curl away into the sea like a dragon’s tail. Lush, solitary and absolutely breathtaking.

Can you taste the Malbec already? South America’s Napa Valley awaits! Looking to get way off the beaten path? Ask about visiting star-gazers haven Barreal!

El Calafate:
Patagonian winds, soaring glaciars and a hikers paradise. Might you also like out-of-this world gourmet meals and star-gazing in intense beauty? Us too!

Salta & Jujuy:
Think the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree and llamas. Beautiful scenery and Northern Argentine cuisine in two of Argentina’s most peaceful provinces.

Your accommodations are as unique as you are. Your hotel, boutique hotel or apartment will be in the best neighborhood for your style, in safe areas with no construction nearby!

Wine & Dine:
Buenos Aires is in the midst of a gastronomical revolution! Untie your shoes, because we’re about to knock your socks on.

Add up all the passion you’ve ever felt, multiply it by 100 and then you’ll find tango. See a traditional show or explore the milonga underworld with us!

Gracias to the British! Polo, soccer, rugby and golf are Argentina’s best sports. Come get a front row seat or join in the game!

Laugh, learn and be intrigued! Our city tours are lead with passion, experience and endless knowledge (and historical gossip!). Explore the city from South to North, past to present and truly understand WHY the city is the way it is.

Day Trips:
Nothing sweeter than a trip to an estancia in the countryside or a private boat ride through the Tigre Delta. All inclusive with exciting historical context, private air-conditioned vehicles and delicious cuisine.


See what’s across the river! Beautiful Montevideo is much more than just a stepping stone to our favorite Uruguayan beaches.

Sweet historical cobble-stoned streets, tea time in a local’s riverside home and the serenity you’ll crave after experiencing Buenos Aires!

Uruguayan Beaches:
Jose Ignacio, Punta del Este, Cabo Polonio & Piriopolis; just a few of the cozy, beautiful beach towns on Uruguay’s Atlantic Coast!


Get the inside scoop on Chile’s capital city, eat in the best restaurants and explore the wineries and coastal towns nearby.

Atacama Desert:
Striking beauty, star-filled skies with the Earth’s most Mars-like landscapes.

Skiing & Snowboarding:
Hands down, Chile has the best skiing & snowboarding in South America. The perfect cool vacation to escape the heat back home.