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"Fantastic! First off, Madi is responsive and if you are familiar with the local culture you know that is not a given! Second, she is knowledgeable and passionate. Third, she is flexible, friendly and delivers information conversationally. No lectures, just sharing and she has a lot to share. Madi is by far the best guide we have had in all our travels" Margie, Phoenix
"My husband and I are not easy to guide as we have travelled enough to be a bit skeptical of tours. Madi never gave us the feeling that we were hearing the same words she said to each tour or seeing the same places she showed to everyone. We really put her to the test, and she delivered. She will create YOUR perfect trip with you." Joan, San Antonio by way of Chicago
"I can't tell you how wonderful it was to have a friendly English speaking American give us a quick orientation to BA on our arrival day. She was always an instant message or a call away. She gave advice, changed reservations, advocated, translated and generally made us feel at ease. Even when there was a mini crisis with our apartment, she was a voice of calm." Leslie, NYC